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Logo Les Amoureuses Ardèche


Because we love our land so passionately, because we believe in the potential of the Ardèche, we strive day after day to reveal its local heritage, and to liberate its terroir to produce creative wines with a difference.


Because we want to promote the Ardèche as a leading wine region, we are convinced that it needs to reach out to as wide an audience as possible and express its roots and traditions as well as its potential for creativity and innovation. Our mission is clear: to reveal the most authentic aspects of the Ardèche (its legacy, its heritage) and free up its terroir to produce cutting-edge top-of-the-range wines.

Vignes d'ardèche du domaine Les Amoureuses
“My wife Florence and I bought this magnificent estate in 2011. Inspired by the taste and freshness of New World wines, we completely redesigned the facilities and changed the mix of grape varieties to create something new and personal. Our ambition is to make Les Amoureuses the driving force and embodiment of a renewed, renowned and recognised Ardèche terroir.” JEAN-PIERRE BEDEL Jean-Pierre Bedel


A whole team of enthusiasts has joined forces with the owners to pursue this ambitious project, from production through to sales. Without them, nothing would be possible. United around strong values - rigour and exacting standards, curiosity and creativity, openness and respect, hard work and know-how, family and passing on - our team is committed day after day to cultivating and enhancing the very best that our land has to offer.


In former times, during the flowering season, the young girls of Bourg-Saint-Andéol used to come to cool off and chat near a stream bordering the plots of vines planted in the locale known as “Vinsas”. Young men were not long in joining them, and inevitably amorous encounters were played out there. Hence the name that was given to these vineyards, which no one would dream of renaming! Today, the estate wine shop is located on the very same spot.

Les Amoureuses : La Légende